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The Bourse Rooms are perfectly located in the famous Place de la Bourse. Specialized in training, the venue has 5 meeting rooms which capacities and possible implementations are numerous and variable.

5 meeting rooms 10 à 130 people

1 company restaurant

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Our rooms

Berlin Room

This training room for small groups is the warmest and is located at the entrance of the hostel. It has a projector with screen, large white walls for post-it walls and on request for flipchart, wired and optical fiber internet connection  for a videoconference for example. The buffet is served there in room. The in board or U set up is preferred for a group of 12 people.

Shanghai Room

This space is for groups of 15 and 24 people and is more suitable for school or arena format. The room is and can associate with the Shanghai room for greater capacity. The equipment available consists of a video projector and a large screen, wifi, optical fiber connection, flipchart, notepads, pens and water. The buffet is available in the room.

Sao Paulo Room

Suitable for groups of 15 to 18 people, this room is often proposed in U or in school for the trainings. It is modular and can associate with the Sao Paulo room for greater capacity. It also has a video projector and wifi, optical fiber connection, flipchart, notepads, pens and water. The buffet can be served as a self-service; in room or  in front of it since the space in front of the room makes it possible to do a cocktail or even a large breakfast buffet.

Paris Room

In the Paris room, it is ideal to make working groups in blocks for 18 people maximum but can go beyond 30 people in school. It is decompartmentalizable and can be used in theater for a very large capacity when associated with the nearby New York Room. A video projector, large white walls for the post-it, wifi, optical fiber connection, flipchart, notepads, pens and water are available. The buffet is in place in the room but can be at the entrance of it in the adjoining foyer area in needed.

New York Room

This is the largest space of Paris Bourse Rooms. It can be used in double space with a U or school side for training and a more informal room side and near the buffet for groups of discussions and work. It is also very often used in theater because of its large capacity of 100 people. which can even go up to 150 people when the Paris room is open. This space is perfect for conferences and speeches / greetings / etc… but can also serve as a exam room for large numbers. At your disposal: a HD video projector and a big screen, wifi, optical fiber connection, flipchart, notepads, pens and water.

New-York  126 m² 100 48 36 200
Paris 51 m² 50 36 21 50
Sao Paulo 42 m² 28 24 19 30
Shanghai 35 m² 21 18 15 20
Berlin 32 m² 20 16 12 20

Training Formula

An all-inclusive package is proposed for each of your trainees in training at an unbeatable price. You will find the details of this formula in the document to download.

Of course a tailor-made formula is possible to meet specific needs.

Formula Training
A room from 9h to 18h

A warm welcome Morning

Lunch at the Inter-Entreprise restaurant

Afternoon Express Break


The space “Paris Bourse” and its dedicated team organize turnkey
all your events and put at your disposal


Inter-company restaurant


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