How to efficiently organize a workshop?

Organizing a company is a good way to mobilize teams. A workshop allows to largely gather around a concept or specific thematic. A successful workshop requires an organization studied upstream to reap the benefits, both in terms of the involvement of each one and the effectiveness of the workshop. To achieve an interactive event that will have the support of collaborators, here are some practical advices for the success of your workshop.

Opt for a suitable framework

Choosing a suitable place for your workshop is a first step not to neglect. It is important to find a place that allows you to get out of the classic area of the company while being functional enough to accommodate the planned activities.

A large well-equipped space will be essential. A modern and warm room is recommended. In the case of a half day or more workshop, a catering service must be available nearby or on place.

Well choose the participants

For a workshop to work, you will need to rely on motivated participants willing to respond to the challenge of the goal at the heart of the workshop. For this, think about selecting the collaborators who will participate to the workshop. Do not take into account the hierarchy or the links between participants: they must be above all interested in the workshop, dynamic and open-minded. Various profiles are recommended, in groups of 5 to 10 participants. It will thus be possible to strengthen links between collaborators.

Set a clear objective

A workshop is a professional event where friendliness is required. However, it is not without stakes. The workshop must answer to a specific goal, defined by the problematic that will be addressed. It is important to inform the invited collaborators in advance of the purpose of the meeting. This can be a new project launch, a major change in the company or better communication between teams to develop. A workshop must be interactive; each participant must be an actor and not a spectator.

Ensure an animation of quality

To achieve real results in this way, it is important to ensure a dynamic and pleasant presentation during the workshop. The master of ceremony can use a friendly tone and show a touch of humor. A relaxed attitude will facilitate participants to intervene freely. To contribute to playful situations, elements can be used during the workshop (amazing objects, maps, photographs, etc.). The goal is to encourage debate and to stimulate discussions between participants.

Make the debriefing in group

When the end of the workshop comes, it’s time establish a balance sheet of your work session. It consists of listing the actions mentioned during the workshop, the problems solved and the questions still pending. During the restitution, everyone will be able to express his point of view and to bring new ideas. An exhaustive round table will facilitate this debriefing. Finally, it is possible to finish by mentioning topics for a future workshop and by filling in an anonymous survey indicating the points to improve.

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