Brainstorming space rental in Paris

You are looking for an atypical space for reflection and brainstorming in Paris? We Conf by Paris by Sodexo proposes the rental of modern and original rooms for brainstorming.

Find the perfect room for brainstorming in Paris

Take advantage of a new work environment is an important asset for brainstorming sessions. For this, companies are more and more investint in multipurpose workspaces with a large area.

However, it can be difficult to find suitable places for the rental of brainstorming space in Paris. Specialized in the organization of professional events, We Conf In Paris by Sodexo puts at your disposal three sites in the center of Paris. Perfectly equipped and designed for all kinds  of workshops , the conference rooms available for rent are distinguished by their high-end services.

Optimal reception capacity: the Capital 8 Conference Center

Very close to the des Champs-Élysées Avenue, the Capital 8 Conference Center is based on a modern infrastructure. To meet all the needs of professionals, the site has several rooms to facilitate the organization of brainstorming, team meeting or any other event for companies.

A large air-conditioned auditorium has 150 seats with tablet and wifi, as well as technical installations particularly completes (sound, lighting, video recording). Suitable for the rental of brainstorming spaces in Paris, 5 rooms of 30 m² can organize small group’s workshops. With their removable partitions, they can form two rooms of 64 m². Each room has all the necessary equipment for brainstorming sessions (paperboard, post-it, projector, bottles of water, etc.). A catering service is provided in the large reception room that can receive250 people.

A modular space: the Coeur Défense Conference Center

The famous business district of La Défense is one of the most popular for renting brainstorming spaces in Paris. The Cœur Défense Conference Center offers exceptional modularity to guarantee perfect reception conditions for all your workshops and brainstorming sessions.

The site has 8 meeting rooms able to organize working sessions of  10 to 180 people. Fully equipped, with sound, screen, desk and flipchart, these rooms will lend themselves perfectly to creative workshops for companies. Major companies will appreciate the facilities available in the Hermes Auditorium, recommended for the very important events. Cocktails and buffets can be organized in the Hélios and Héra spaces which are done for this purpose, entirely convertible.

The organization of facilitated workshops: the Paris Bourse Rooms

The rental of brainstorming space in Paris needs to have at its disposal a well-equipped space and a large area. The Paris Bourse Rooms respect these two imperatives to the letter. Not far from La Place de la Bourse, the site offers five separate workspaces to adapt to all professional projects.

The meeting rooms vary in size from 32 to 126 square meters, allowing the organization of workshops and conferences of 10 to 130 people. Offering a wide range of layout options, the rooms are all equipped with a video projector and high speed internet connection.

On place, our teams will be at your disposal to assist you in the rental of your brainstorming space in Paris. Various catering services are also available according to your needs (breakfast, buffet, cocktail).

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