5 ideas of company events to organize in Paris

The organization of professional events is an important asset to promote the brand image of companies. For each corporate event, The We Conf by Paris by Sodexo spaces are available for professionals.

Perfectly located in the capital, three prestigious places open their doors for you with the Capital 8 Conference Center, the Coeur Défense Conference Center and the Paris Bourse Rooms. Here are 5 ideas of professional events that can be organized in the best conditions.

A conference with video captation

A professional conference is an important event requiring a suitable place. The Auditorium of the Capital 8 Conference Center has all the equipments for the achievement of such a business event. This large air-conditioned room has 150 seats, a modern sound system, a projection screen and a powerful technical control. It is possible on request to film your event and to ensure the simultaneous broadcast or in streaming.

A professional cocktail

Organizing a cocktail in the center of Paris requires an elegant and sophisticated space. The reception rooms available for the rental have equipment. Guarantees of standing and modernity, these spaces will be suitable for any company event of this type. The layout and decoration of the room can be made according to your needs. You can choose from our selection of four exceptional caterers who will prepare a lunch or dinner cocktail that you are expecting. Assortments of both savory and sweet dishes will be proposed, as well as original cocktail animation.

A day of training

Companies may need to organize study days for internal purposes. Mixing information and training of employees, this event happen by day or half-day of work. Small groups will be gathered in different rooms to follow thematic trainings on specific topics. The three conference centers offered by We Conf In Paris are suitable spaces for such sessions. Comfortable and well equipped (with projector, wifi and flipchart), the rooms are also fully modular.

A friendly company party

Gathering all the staff of the company, such a party is above all festive. Usually presented in the form of a buffet cocktail, a company party can be organized to present a new product. It can be also a party taking place at the end of the year. The Cocktail Area of the Cœur Défense Conference Center offers a perfect setting for this type of event. Being able to receive up to 270 people, this vast and warm space can be arranged according to the needs and the desired atmosphere.

Team building workshops

To mobilize all the collaborators of a company, nothing is better then team building workshops. This type of event aims to strengthen team cohesion through fun activities. With 5 fully equipped rooms, the Paris Bourse Rooms are the perfect places for the organization of your workshops. Depending on the layout of the rooms, they can gather groups of 5 to 130 people, all in a modern and friendly space. Creative workshops (including culinary tastings) can be organized inside throughout the year.

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