5 advices to animate your meetings

Animating a meeting is often feared. Capturing your audience at work is not easy! How to maintain sustained attention? How to animate an original, productive and efficacious meeting? We propose several ideas to make the difference.

Animation of meeting in virtual reality

If you are looking for an original idea to host meetings or seminars, you will certainly be seduced by the virtual reality headset.

This unusual activity is now accessible to all. Some companies propose to rent virtual reality headsets and animate themselves the activities chosen in the booking. It is possible to enjoy these animations in your company or directly in RV agencies to benefit from the entire specialized infrastructure.

The TeamBuilding challenge in virtual reality is ideal to bring out the team spirit (if need be ask information for the rental of a team building room in Paris). Divided by team, your collaborators work on the communication in a fun way. Like this, it is impossible not to attract attention during your meeting.

More and more companies are opting for this unique solution in a seminar or parties. VR has the advantage of allowing a strong immersion while mixing solo or collaborative experience. It is therefore perfect for meeting animation.

A game escape to animate a meeting

You want to federate your teams? The escape game is definitely what you need for your next meeting! It is an immersive game that allows a large number of people to participate at the same time. Many companies have already tried the escape game for their TeamBuilding or for facilitating meetings.

To play it, your collaborators will have to show initiative, organization, logic and team spirit.

The world cafe in small groups

The world café puts forward the active pedagogy for meeting animation. Very trendy, this method uses an approach « discussion café” good in small groups of employees or collaborators. The goal remains to facilitate dialogue and constructive discussions. This way of working is usually more productive than a traditional meeting. Participants sitting at a table discuss given topics while a host is doing a report. Each participant turns and can give his opinion on each theme.

At the end of the World Café, the main ideas are summarized to the assembly. It’s a creative way to get everyone to actively participate in meeting animation. This is particularly suitable for large companies.

The scribing for the novice designer

The Scribing is at the service of collective intelligence to animate successful meetings. we also call it “graphic facilitation”, “graphic recording” or “discussion mapping”. This technique consists of representing a discussion in the form of drawings. The drawings are made throughout the meeting in a large fresco.

The Scribing is a way of rendering a work through the visual. This allows to leave an effective and catchy trace of the discussionss made by the collaborators. This innovative tool for capturing attention, however, requires some prior training. The scribbler must have drawing skills and know how to translate lyrics into graphics.

You now have all the keys to achieve your next meeting animation!

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